Does a Book cover matter? Of course it does!

Our talented designers can sell your book just by seeing the cover.

Our small team of book designers can take care of all your book design needs. We charge £60 per cover design or £20 to put you front cover spine and back cover together.

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Design Services

Book Cover Design - £60 Build cover with spine - £20

We know people say don't judge a book by its cover, but it really does matter to sales. Your cover needs to look good and if you are not into graphic software let us come up with the design for you using our image library or images supplied by you.

If you want us to design you a cover please download this form,

Cover Request
Fill in the form and email it to jenny, her details can be found on the home page - meet the team.

Please note - We do have accress to 1000s of images but we cannot guarantee every image. Any specific images MUST be supplied by you or redrawn by our Illustrator (extra charges may occur).


Illustration Service

We have an talented illustrator can create original images, redrawn your sketches or characters for your book. One we have a design breif we can create stunning illustrations for your book.
ALL the copyright of the images are for you and you only. We do not hold any copywrite of our customers works.

A6 - £99 per illustration A5 - £149 per illustration A4 - £199 per illustration

Formatting - £35 to £60

We offer a basic formatting service, if you book needs chapters, pages numbers, different page sizes, we can help. We dont offer typesetting and the high detailed work.

Our reformatting service ensures that all of your pages look professional. We lay out your text, input images in the correct places, format page numbers and make sure paragraphs and chapters are spaced properly.

Prices range from £35 to £60 depending on the complexity of the job. Upload the document in the file assesment area and we will give you a timescale and an official quote for the work. Alternatively just email us it and ask for a formatting cost.

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