E-book Conversion

by Book Empire UK

More sales, more profit by converting your work into an e-book it gives you more options to sell via different outlets and the ability for your customers to download your book. We can quickly convert your book into a professionally-designed e-book file that will work on any e-reader.

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The Process


Why get an Ebook?

More Profit

Having an Ebook lets you sell the book fast having no physical product. Its instant delivery meaning you are maximising your income stream.

Bigger market

Most people still like a book but some dont and do want Ebooks. Make the most out of your investmant and get both types.

Become a bigger publisher

Reaching more people and having an Ebook will show your customer base your are a serious establised author.

E-book Questions

We prefer to work from a Microsoft Word document or PDF Files.

By law no you dont but we would reccommend having one as it makes the book easier to find and gives you better control if you have multiple books.

Ebook formatting can be difficult as the text is designed to be viewed at different sizes and on a wide range of screens. Most of the online converters use algorithm which just turns your book into the correct format without taking into account the formatting and margins etc. Book Empire has the experience to give the end user the best results.

There are many ways to sell Ebooks.

1. via you own web page.

2. Amazon or Apple, see the relivant website on how to sell Ebooks

3. Bookstores like Readers Empire or waterstones

Your book will be converted into EPUB and MOBI files. Most major e-book retailers use EPUB files except for the Kindle store which uses MOBI files.

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