by Book Empire

We can create your International Standard Book Number (ISBN) for you from as little as £49. If you are planning to sell your books to the general public, you will need an ISBN. We create the barcode and add this to the back cover so that you can start selling your books and making money as quickly as possible.

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Why purchase an ISBN though Book Empire?


Because we are a large publisher and purchase in the 1000s we can offer the charges lower to our customers.


An ISBN makes you get more exposure and offer more outlets to sell.


Having the ISBN code your books will be easily found.


ISBNs are issued to the publisher not the author. If you publish your book through us that the ISBN when scanned will say published by Book Empire.

You retain control of the metadata (information about the book and its contents). Your ISBN will not need to change if you publish the book through a different channel. Any enquiries about your book will come directly to you rather than to the publisher.

If you are just selling directly to family, friends or colleagues then you don't need an ISBN. However, if you plan to sell your book through any sort of retailer, then you will need to register for an ISBN.

ISBNs can be purchased through Nielsen Book Services, there is normally a minimum order of 10.

No, ISBNs need to be created for each type softback, hardback, audiobook, e-book.

Also if you make a new edition with changes you will need to purchase a new ISBN number.

Booksellers use barcodes to manage their inventory. You can convert an ISBN into a barcode using free tools available online. If we purchase the ISBN on your behalf, we will also add a unique barcode to your book.

No. Once registered, an ISBN cannot be reassigned to another book, even if the original goes out of print.