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What Is Print on Demand

We can print on demand but is it cost effective?

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Orders in, lets despatch.... The costs to print on demand?

With our print on demand service, we hold your documents on file and print copies as and when you need them. This is only cost effective when we are producing multiple copies of the same book per week and hold minimal quantites in stock and send out when the orders come in. It also works well for batch printing different quantities and sending to multiple addresses weekly as the orders come in. It is not cost effective to print one book at a time due to the set up charges.

If you are successful with sales we can set you up an online account which makes it really easy to order re-prints of your book and hold these in stock to send out to your customers/bookshops as needed.


The best ways for cost effective print on demand.

  1. Printing personalised books with the same contents/Inners or spine size with different covers.
  2. Keep minimal books in stock and print as the orders come in - approx 20 copies to minimise the set up charges (£30)

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