Wire bound

Wire bound Books

Wire binding is a popular commercial book binding method, and is known by a number of different names including twin loop wire, wire-o, double loop wire, double-o, ring wire and wirebind. With this binding method, users insert their punched pages onto a "C" shaped spine and then use a wire closer to squeeze the spine until it is round. Documents that are bound with wire binding will open completely flat on a desk and allow for 360 degree rotation of bound pages.

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Spiral or Wire?

Spiral bound and wire-o booklets share capabilities that you cannot find in other binding options. These capabilities are 360 degree page rotation, no minimum page count requirement, and able to be bound with card covers.

The difference between wire and spiral binding then is the type of binding used to put the documents together. Many people that look for printing services aren’t sure of the difference between wire and spiral binding but there is a difference.

Spiral binding uses a plastic coil and Wire binding uses a metal wire. You can easily determine which type of binding you require by asking yourself whether your book is for formal use (wire binding) or for reference, everyday use (spiral binding).


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